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Wholesale Indian Remy Hair

Why is Indian hair so popular?

Indian is highly desired because of it''s durability, and texture, that allows it to be used in a wide variety of styles. The virgin Remy Indian Hair when maintained properly can last years, the virgin Remy hair is attributed with the best hair on the market.

What is Virgin Remy Hair?

Virgin Hair is the purest natural hair used by many hair styling professionals. It is not Chemically Treated, so it keep''s it''s natural bounce & volume. When chemically treated it strips away the cuticle, so it isn't Virgin hair anymore. Most hair sold today on the market is not virgin Remy hair

Wholesale Indian Remy Hair Message

May 22nd 2009

Wholesale Price list In Packs/Pounds For a PDF Version of this List, please e-mail wholesale@PROTECTED For unlisted items, call us at 310-673-2205 Minimum 5 Kilos(Kg) or 10 Pounds(Lbs) 1 LB = 4 Packs of Indian Hair All Hairs Below are Single Drawn Virgin Remy Indian Hair confidential Product Number /Name/ Description Price Per Pound Bulk /Price Per Pack Price Per Pack* 1001 /Machine Weft Indian Hair - Curly/ Kinky 10 - 14 Inches $270.00 $67.50 1002 Machine Weft Indian Hair - Curly/ Kinky ...Continue Reading